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Best Linkedin Recruiter alternatives for 2024

Struggling to find an alternative to LinkedIn Recruiter? We got you covered.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
December 13, 2023

As recruitment continues to evolve and dependency on one single platform called 'LinkedIn Recruiter' is rising, finding the best tools and platforms beyond LinkedIn Recruiter is crucial for 2024.

LinkedIn has been increasing prices steeply, reducing functionality for certain tiers and doesn't offer the automation that other tools do offer.

Many recruiters think LinkedIn Recruiter is all there is but since you arrived at this blog, you must have though; there must be an alternative! And yes, there are many alternatives.

This article outlines the LinkedIn Recruiter alternatives within each category so you can pick your best approach and tools.

The alternatives to LinkedIn Recruiter

The available LinkedIn Recruiter alternatives can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Alternative talent search and outreach solutions
  2. Alternative sources
  3. Alternative job boards

1. Alternative talent search and outreach tool to LinkedIn Recruiter

This category presents a set of tools that offer a distinct approach to talent acquisition, diverging from the LinkedIn Recruiter's model. While LinkedIn Recruiter primarily focuses on leveraging its vast network, these alternatives provide more targeted and specialized search functionalities.

They enable recruiters to conduct deeper and searches supported by AI, often integrating advanced algorithms and parameters that go beyond LinkedIn's framework. These tools are particularly useful for recruiters looking to expand their reach and tap into specific talent pools that may not be as prominent or accessible on LinkedIn. They also offer more automation features.

One of the solutions you can use here is HeroHunt.ai.

HeroHunt.ai is a powerful AI-driven recruitment tool to find 1 billion candidates worldwide and can find any LinkedIn profile. It uses AI algorithms to scan multiple platforms, helping recruiters find potential candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities. It also engages with talent automatically, based on personalized messages that are generated by the system based on your job description and the candidate's profile.

Price: Starting from $97

Free Trial: Yes

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Key Feature: Specialized in passive candidate sourcing and automated engagement

Best For: SMB to Enterprise

Great for Recruiters: Its ability to uncover passive candidates and reach out to them automatically makes HeroHunt.ai particularly valuable for recruiters looking to tap into a wider talent pool beyond active job seekers.

2. Alternative sources for sourcing talent to LinkedIn Recruiter

In contrast to LinkedIn Recruiter's broad professional network, this category introduces platforms that cater to specific industries or communities.

These sources are ideal for recruiters seeking specialized talent, offering access to niche markets and specific skill sets. From tech-centric communities like GitHub and Stack Overflow to platforms like Medium and AngelList, which cater to thought leaders and startup enthusiasts, these alternatives present a rich tapestry of talent.

They allow recruiters to venture beyond LinkedIn's generalist approach, targeting candidates in environments where they are most active and engaged.

Here's a list of alternative sources to find candidate profiles:

  1. GitHub: A leader in the tech talent space with 65 million users, GitHub is a treasure trove of up-to-date candidate information, especially for engineers.
  2. Stack Overflow: With 14 million developers, this platform provides rich technology skills data, making it essential for sourcing tech talent.
  3. Reddit: With a vast community of 330 million users, Reddit offers in-depth discussions on various topics, providing unique insights into potential candidates' expertise and interests.
  4. AngelList: Specialized in startup and scale-up talent, AngelList connects recruiters with 2.5 million profiles of individuals who thrive in rapidly changing environments.
  5. Xing: Dominant in German-speaking countries, Xing is an excellent platform for recruiters looking to expand their reach in European markets, hosting 17 million profiles.
  6. Kaggle: A hub for 5 million data scientists and machine learning experts, Kaggle is the go-to source for recruiting data talent.
  7. Medium: Medium showcases professionals' thought leadership, making it a valuable resource for finding talent who want to get their voice heard.
  8. Xing (Additional LinkedIn Recruiter Alternatives): Offers a unique events section for networking and boasts features like personalized messages and profile insights.

3. Top alternative job boards to LinkedIn Recruiter

Unlike LinkedIn Recruiter, which combines social networking with job searching, the job boards in this category are primarily focused on job listings and candidate resumes. They provide a straightforward approach to recruitment, where employers post vacancies and job seekers apply directly. Mainly useful for blue collar recruitment.

These boards range from generalist sites like Indeed and Glassdoor to more specialized or geographically focused platforms. By incorporating these job boards into their recruitment strategy, recruiters can complement LinkedIn Recruiter's networking-focused approach with a more traditional, yet equally effective, method of sourcing candidates.

  1. Indeed: A leading global job site, Indeed is known for its extensive database and frequent job updates.
  2. Glassdoor: Offers job listings and valuable insights into company cultures and employee experiences.
  3. Monster: A longstanding job board, providing salary research and company profiles.
  4. ZipRecruiter: With a vast range of job postings, it's a key resource for recruiters.
  5. CareerBuilder: Known for its advanced search features and AI capabilities.
  6. Craigslist: Offers a variety of job postings in its simple, text-based listings.
  7. SimplyHired: Features a user-friendly search function and comprehensive job listings.
  8. Job.com: Utilizes blockchain and AI for a modern approach to job listings.
  9. Google for Jobs: Leverages Google's algorithms for a broad job search capability.

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