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Best Remote Hiring Tools for 2024

Remote hiring requires a streamlined process powered by the latest technology, here's the best you can get.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
February 23, 2024

The shift towards remote work has significantly transformed how companies approach hiring, necessitating tools that accommodate the nuances of remote recruitment

In response to this evolution, a multitude of platforms have emerged, catering to various facets of the remote hiring process. 

These platforms are broadly categorized into job boards for sourcing talent, collaboration tools, assessment, and Employer of Record (EOR) services for facilitating global employment. 

Here's a detailed overview of each category's leading tools, specifically designed to streamline remote hiring in 2024.

Remote Work Job Boards

  • We Work Remotely
  • Remote.co
  • FlexJobs

Remote Hiring Collaboration Tools

  • Slack
  • Trello

Remote Hiring Assessment Tools

  • HackerRank
  • Vervoe

Remote Employment (Employer of Record) Services

  • Deel
  • Papaya Global

Remote Work Job Boards

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is the premier destination for remote job seekers, offering a vast selection of job listings across a wide range of fields. It's a favorite among companies seeking to connect with a global workforce prepared to work remotely.

  • Price: Job posting fees start at $299.
  • Best for: Organizations of all sizes aiming to hire remote talent worldwide.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Its extensive reach ensures job listings are seen by a diverse pool of candidates dedicated to remote work, maximizing exposure and applicant volume.


Remote.co is a curated platform specializing in remote jobs, offering valuable resources and insights for both employers and job seekers navigating remote work.

  • Price: $299 per job listing.
  • Best for: Companies seeking a wide array of remote professionals, from tech to creative roles.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Beyond job listings, Remote.co provides guidance on best practices for remote work, supporting employers in optimizing their remote hiring strategies.


FlexJobs stands out for its commitment to screening job listings, ensuring legitimacy and quality. It caters to those seeking flexible, part-time, freelance, and remote opportunities.

  • Price: Membership-based pricing for employers; specifics provided upon request.
  • Best for: Employers looking for pre-vetted candidates interested in flexible and remote roles.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: The platform's focus on verified listings attracts serious job seekers, simplifying the search for dedicated remote professionals.

Remote Hiring Collaboration Tools


Slack is a comprehensive communication platform enabling teams to stay connected through messaging, file sharing, and integrating with numerous work tools.

  • Price: Offers a free version; paid plans start at $6.67 per user/month.
  • Best for: Remote teams of any size in need of a robust communication tool.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Slack facilitates seamless communication throughout the hiring process, ensuring the recruitment team remains coordinated and efficient.


Trello utilizes a card-based system for task and project management, providing a visual and intuitive way to track the recruitment pipeline and collaborate on various tasks.

  • Price: Free version available; Business Class starts at $10 per user/month.
  • Best for: Teams looking for an easy-to-use tool to manage hiring workflows.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Trello's flexibility and visual interface make managing and tracking the recruitment process straightforward, enhancing collaboration among remote hiring teams.

Remote Hiring Assessment Tools


HackerRank specializes in technical assessments, enabling companies to evaluate candidates' coding and problem-solving skills through a variety of challenges and projects.

  • Price: Custom pricing based on organizational needs.
  • Best for: Evaluating technical talent for roles requiring coding expertise.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: It offers a platform for remotely assessing technical skills, ensuring candidates meet job requirements before proceeding in the hiring process.


Vervoe streamlines the candidate evaluation process with customizable skill assessments that simulate real job tasks, allowing companies to assess performance in a practical context.

  • Price: Starts at $79 per month.
  • Best for: SMBs and enterprises seeking a versatile platform for skill assessments.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Vervoe's simulation of real-world tasks helps remote teams evaluate candidates based on how they perform in job-specific scenarios, enhancing the quality of hiring decisions.

Remote Employment (Employer of Record) Services


Deel provides comprehensive EOR services, facilitating the legal and compliant employment of remote workers across different countries without the need for a local entity.

  • Price: Custom pricing.
  • Best for: Companies looking to hire and manage a global remote workforce legally and efficiently.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Deel handles the complexities of international labor laws, payroll, and tax compliance, making it easier for companies to onboard and manage remote employees worldwide.


Remofirst offers a cloud-based platform that simplifies global payroll, hiring, and compliance for remote teams, acting as an EOR to ensure legal and regulatory adherence in over 140 countries.

  • Price: Custom pricing.
  • Best for: Organizations needing a streamlined solution for global payroll and compliance.
  • Why it is great for remote hiring: Its platform provides an all-in-one solution for managing international employees and contractors, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring compliance with local laws.

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