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Answered: how many profiles can HeroHunt.ai find?

HeroHunt.ai can find any profile online from the platforms it searches resulting in a reach of 1 billion profiles.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
September 7, 2022

The question: ‘how many profiles can HeroHunt.ai find?’ is a very legitimate question that almost every recruiter who uses HeroHunt.ai asks themselves.

The answer to the question is simple: as many public profiles as there are on the platforms that HeroHunt.ai searches in.

HeroHunt.ai can find any public profile online from the platforms it searches.

Some of the platforms that HeroHunt.ai searches in are:

  • LinkedIn (about 880 million profiles)
  • GitHub (about 65 million profiles)
  • Stack Overflow (about 20 million profiles)

That means that within these platforms only, HeroHunt.ai can already find close to a billion profiles.

How many profiles can HeroHunt.ai find in my sourcing region?

How many profiles can HeroHunt.ai find in your country or city area where you are sourcing in?

HeroHunt.ai can find all the profiles in your region that are public online.

So if in your region there are 80 million people with a public LinkedIn profile, 7 million people with a public GitHub profile, and 3 million people with a public Stack Overflow profile, you are able to find 70 million profiles in total.

How many profiles can HeroHunt.ai find for my search?

Now we know that HeroHunt.ai can find any public profile online, you want to know how many profiles of that 1 billion are relevant to you.

The answer to this question is more complex since the results number from your search (amount of profiles) entirely depends on the requirements that you include in your search.

For example if you search for a software engineer that absolutely needs to have four hard to find skills on their profile and they have to be in a small town because that’s where they have to work, the amount of results will be limited.

If you search for a generic back end developer in the entire United States, you will find tens of thousands of profiles in HeroHunt.ai.

How is HeroHunt.ai able to find all these profiles?

HeroHunt.ai is a real-time search engine that searches the indicated platforms in real-time based on your search input (usually a job description).

That means that HeroHunt.ai is not a database. HeroHunt.ai finds the already existing profiles straight from the actual source. HeroHunt.ai doesn’t duplicate their own database and therefore can always find all profiles which are always up to date in terms of profile data.

Other solutions in the market build their own duplicated database by continuously scraping some of the mentioned platforms and then offering access to customers to that database with some search filters on top. It is very costly to maintain that database and therefore the data from profile databases is always limited in amounts and always outdated.

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