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How to find blockchain developers online

Blockchain developers are hard to find. Demand is a lot higher than supply. This is how you can find and reach blockchain talent quickly.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
May 9, 2024

Finding blockchain developers is hard because there are a lot more companies currently looking for blockchain developers than there are blockchain developers who are offering themselves to companies.

That's why you have to be creative in your search. And definitely not wait until blockchain developers come to you as a company.

You have to proactively search and chase them and reach out to them to be able to convert them eventually to your successful hire.

I'm going to show you in which sources you can find blockchain developers because most people and most recruiters think that LinkedIn is the only source where they can find their next blockchain developer. That is definitely not the case. Alternative sources to LinkedIn offer a great source of valuable candidates and valuable candidate information.

A couple of examples of platforms other than LinkedIn that you can search are GitHub and Stack Overflow.

GitHub has around 65 million software engineers on there, and has a lot of valuable information because code repositories are shared with each other publicly. That information, using the right tool can be available to you so you can analyse that skills related information and make sense out of okay so you can help answer the questions if they actually the right fit from a skills perspective for your job.

The second source is Stack Overflow, which we'll be also sourcing today. Stack overflow has around 18 million engineers and similarly to GitHub it has a lot of valuable information from a skills validation perspective, because a lot of technical questions are asked on Stack Overflow.

The challenge here is: how are we going to source these platforms? Because Stack Overflow and GitHub are not built for recruiters looking for developers. LinkedIn is, but ideally, we would want to have one solution, which can find all those different profiles from all those different platforms in one place.

In this blog, we are going to show how to use HeroHunt.ai to find your next blockchain developer, which will source all those different platforms in one solution.

Create a search based on your job description

In HeroHunt.ai, we start with the job description, basically the only thing that we need to create a search.

The first thing we do is including the job title in HeroHunt.ai: blockchain developer.

In this case, we have our job description, which can also be a list of specs or requirements. In this case, we have the full job description, which is great because there's a lot of valuable information about tangibles and intangibles, which eventually translates to a search.

Include the job description

After copying and pasting the job description, you see that HeroHunt.ai extracts the keywords automatically prioritize them for you, so you can eventually do the last tweaks to the search and optionally add keywords that you want to add to your search.

From your job description the search is built

Now we have a search with the required and nice tot have keywords. The required keywords have to be on the profile for the profile to appear in your search results.

HeroHunt.ai automatically takes into account all the different underlying synonyms or similar words. So blockchain can be ledger, distributed ledger, etc. and it does so for all the different keywords that you include.

If you use a different tool than HeroHunt.ai, make sure the solution is taking into account the different underlying synonyms because there are so many different words used for the same thing. You want to include those different ways of writing so you can find all relevant candidates.

Now we have built the search, we only have to include a location, for this example that's the United States, but it can be any location worldwide.

Screen the search results

HeroHunt.ai has found our best matching candidates we have two things left to do, screening and reaching out.

Profiles found in HeroHunt.ai

You can screen the profiles based on all the underlying information that HeroHunt.ai presents to us.

The moment that we see an interesting profile in the preview profile, we can click on a profile when we see that it's interesting enough, and we see the breakdown of the skills (the top matching skills in the context of the search) and we see the experience years based on the relevant information from the search.

Breakdown of top matching skills and experience

Reach out

If we like a candidate and we already have contact details that HeroHunt.ai has found for us, the only thing left to do is to create a template message so it will automatically pop up the moment that you click on a profile here.

Automatically generated personalized message

We have our template messages here and as you can see, this template is still empty.

Creating a new template

What I like to do is get a message that I know works and that is generally responded to by candidates. Then from there, I'll include the personalizations. So for example, we can say hi [first name], I saw your blockchain experience. And the top skills we can replace by a personalization of [top 3 matching skills].

This information will be automatically retrieved based on the GitHub, Stack Overflow or LinkedIn data and included in the auto-generated message.

End your message with a CTA, a call to action like  'Reply in short to this email if you're open for a chat'.

Close with my name or signature and save the template.

Once you've done that, you will see that the message will be automatically populated and pops up on the right side of your screen. And based on this, we literally only have to hit the send button for all the following candidates that you are interested in to contact.

New template with personalizations

This way you can reach out in a highly personalized way to qualified candidates in one click and easily reach 100 to 200 blockchain candidates per day.

Hope you'll be successful in finding your new blockchain developer.

Good luck!

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