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How to recruit talent on Xing

The assumption is that LinkedIn is used globally as the primary professional network. Not true for Germany. Xing is the leading professional network site here and it is gaining more users in other countries as well.

Recruiting talent on Xing

XING is a social networking site leading in the German market. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. Next to Germany, Austrian and Swiss candidates can be found on Xing. The platform is especially useful in sourcing German native speaking candidates.

Key facts

  • All kinds of talents
  • 17 million profiles
  • Focussed on German, Austrian and Swiss candidates, but also other talent available


A set up of a XING profile is very much similar to a LinkedIn profile.

A: Employment status, role, company and current location
B: Working experience
C: Current skills
D: Desired skills to work with
E: Language proficiency

How to search in Xing

You can search for candidates in Xing for free. Paid subscriptions give you access to more advanced search filters. You can also X-ray Xing.

Search in XING

You can search in XING directly using keywords and contact level. The very affordable premium allows you to do an advanced search with filters like company, country, position and more:

Xing search

Search in Google

Search google for Xing profiles. You don’t have to have an account to view profiles.

site:xing.com inurl:profile intext:backend engineer php

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