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How to use Meetup to find tech talent

Meetup users are usually well connected professionals who have a strong interest in the topic of the groups and events at hand. This makes it a great place to find enthusiasts in the domain you are sourcing for.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
December 17, 2021

Recruiting talent on Kaggle

Meetup is a platform where groups around a certain topic get together and organize events. These interests can be both nonprofessional and professional. There are profiles of individual members but they are usually not very rich in information. The value sits in the groups that an individual user is a member of. Based on those groups (and events) you can learn about their interests and skills.  

Key facts

  • All profiles
  • 49 million users
  • Groups and events on business topics


Basically two things are important in Meetup as source for talent: the groups (including the events) and the profiles.


A: Group title

B: Group location, amount of members and organizers

C: Group description

D: Upcoming and past events within the group

E: Group members


F: Location of individual member

G: Introduction section of member, usually not filled in

H: Other groups the user is a member of

I: Interests based on pre-configured tags

How to search Meetup

One of the most effective ways of finding talent is to attend the relevant Meetups that you can find. Because profile information is scarce, you would have to cross reference data if you find interesting profiles to enrich the information you can find about the candidate.

Search Google

You can search Google for Meetup groups that are relevant to your sourcing goals.

site:meetup.com intitle: software development

Search Meetup directly

Search relevant Meetup groups in Meetup directly.

Search Meetup

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