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iCIMS pricing 2024: what does it cost you

These are the latest pricing indications for iCIMS, one of the global leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs).

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
January 5, 2024

iCIMS is an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many recruiters and HR departments worldwide to manage hiring prospects and candidate experience.

iCIMS is not sharing pricing on their website so this guide helps you to better understand iCIMS pricing and what it can cost you.

We don’t attempt to give the exact pricing for your case since pricing can vary per individual company, but we do give indications on what the pricing can look like based on market data.

We'll answer these questions for you:

  • Which iCIMS plans are there?
  • What does iCIMS cost?
  • When should I pay for iCIMS?
  • What are alternatives to iCIMS?

Which iCIMS plans are there?

There is no standardized pricing for iCIMS, pricing can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

What does iCIMS cost?

iCIMS pricing per year is (rounded off):

1 - 100 employees: $9.000

101 - 250 employees: $11.500

251 - 500 employees: $15.000

501 - 1000 employees: $24.000

1000 - 2500 employees: $55.000 

2500 - 5000 employees: $80.000

>5000 employees: $140.000 and up

This is an indication based on market data of costs for iCIMS per range of employees.

Prices range across companies, so negotiation has proven to help companies get a better price for iCIMS.

When should I pay for iCIMS?

iCIMS is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). There are many different ATSs in the market.

iCIMS can be of a lot of help for mainly large companies trying to get a better grip on managing candidates through the recruiting funnel, from initial interest to hiring candidates.

iCIMS is most appreciated for a solid enterprise ready environment, dashboards, workflows, and other features.

Also consider your alternatives. There are more affordable solutions in the market which might better suit your business. 

What alternatives do I have?

If you’re not sure iCIMS is the best choice, you have plenty of alternatives to look into.

In this pricing benchmark you see how iCIMS pricing compares to other ATSs:

ATS leaders pricing benchmark

Some of the alternatives to iCIMS are:





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