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10 Dutch scaleups looking for growth talent

The supply of hiring scaleups in the Netherlands seems never ending. This next list gives an overview of Dutch scaleups looking for growth talent.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
February 25, 2021

Dutch scaleups

In our earlier blogs you could read about scaleups in the Netherlands and scaleups with home base in Amsterdam. In this blog, we give you an overview of 10 Dutch scaleups that are ready for further growth and impact.


Backbase enables the digital innovation of banks by creating a flawless digital journey for their customers. They are already present in multiple continents and help more than 120 financial institutions, including some big names such as BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, and the Lloyds Banking Group. Check out their long list of openings to see how you can form the backbone of financial services innovation.


Lightyear is creating the first long-range solar car. It's their goal to provide clean mobility everywhere by creating a substitute for fossil fuels so they can reach a lightyear of 100% sustainable transportation before 2035. With a team of 150 people strong, they are rapidly extending the team for further impact.


HousingAnywhere is a platform where people can rent rooms and apartments for mid- and long term stays. With recent acquisitions like Stanzazoo (Italian real estate software), Duitse Studenten-WG (a German housing website) and Rentmate (Icelandic housing website) they are expanding their European footprint and they are already the biggest platform for mid- and long term stays in some of the mentioned countries. A place to call home, definitely worth checking out their open positions.


Tiqets is a digital platform that helps people discover more ways to culture. Museums, palaces, stadiums, zoos, theme parks, all in one place. They have sold more than 12 million tickets to date and keep expanding their team despite the tourism backlash during the pandemic, getting ready for the post-covid uprise. Might be your tiqet to a high growth career.


Cleeng is a subscriber retention management platform, helping leading subscription businesses in building longer lasting relationships with their customers. They are a truly international team, with more than 16 nationalities on board. The subscription economy is booming, and Cleeng is at the forefront of it. Will you make their customers cleeng onto the business?


Dealroom is a market intelligence data provider on startup ecosystems, having investors, entrepreneurs and government organizations as clients. Although providing global data too, Dealroom’s superpower is their high quality data on companies in Europe. They believe that transparency and data accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. Will you be the next talent signing the deal?


Studytube is an all-in-one learning platform to facilitate internal learning within organisations. Studytube helps organisations to reduce onboarding costs by up to 71% and staff turnover by up to 60%. Backed by 3 investors, and trusted by 500.000 users, they pursue their mission of promoting lifelong learning. Learn more, about their open positions.


Simacan is a cloud-based platform, shaping the future of logistics by helping businesses to optimize real-time transport information and communication. They are named after the Simacan tribe members, who were able to predict travel routes and time based on the position of the moon and the stars, some 3600 years ago. Interested? Join them, yes you can.


Foleon empowers businesses to create engaging and intelligent content, thereby turning customer journeys into seamless experiences. Their Content Experience Platform entails an intuitive drag & drop editor that reduces complexity and enables content velocity. They are trusted by more than 1300 brands and have office locations in Amsterdam, London, and New York. Why not join them to experience how the story unfolds?


Siilo is a secure & compliant medical messaging app designed to help medical professionals and teams better collaborate. Medical professional exchange knowledge within organizations, between organizations and across nations. Ready to secure you career in health tech?

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