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Building your search with the operators and filters has great impact on your recruiting success.

May 12, 2022
Yuma Heymans
September 7, 2022

One string to boole them all

Search strings don't have to feel like a math exam. But sometimes they definitely feel like in need of some homework 📘

Just very few recruiters really master their search.

The good news, nailing your search helps you to get more targeted results.

To build the right search, you need to know 3 things:
☝️ how to build a search string with search operators
✌️ what job title synonyms to use
🤟 what methods and tools you can use to improve your search

Knowing is good, knowing and doing is better.

So here you go:

Firstly, almost every search engine works with basic Boolean operators, advanced search operators however differ per search engine or platform.

These are the search operators and strings that work:
One String to Boole Them All (complete Boolean guide)

Secondly, by including job title synonyms you discover untapped talent:
"Sales Executive" OR "Sales Exec" OR "Sales Representative" OR “Sales Rep" OR "Sales Manager” OR “Sales Executive” OR “Sales Specialist” OR “Sales Associate” OR “Sales Engineer” OR “Account Executive” OR “Account.....

This is a full list of tech job title synonyms

Lastly, this is how you can be creative in your search and try different methods
Tech talent sourcing ideas

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