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How to create personalized message templates to send to candidates

This is how you to can create highly personalized message templates that you only have to create once and can send to many, many candidates.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
May 9, 2024

Personalization in outreach is key to getting a response back from prospective candidates.

By personalizing an outreach message you address the prospective candidate personally and relate to their skills, interests and needs.

We have an example here of an outreach message that we know that works and generally gets a high response rate from candidates.

Outreach message with high response rates

In this blog I'll walk you through this message and I'll show you how we can build it to include all the personalizations; the personal details in this email outreach message.

We see a first name mentioned in the message, a company name, we have some development skills mentioned, which can be very, very specific, there is a platform mentioned that we have found the candidate profile on, we have a job title over here and then we have a location mentioned.

All these mentioned data points can be automated in a message so you only have to create the message once, and then have an auto-generated message that is personalized for the particular candidate that you want to reach out to.

We're going to copy this message and I'm going to show you how you can create this personalized message in HeroHunt.ai, which is a talent search and engagement engine that also happens to have like the template feature that we need today to create the personalized message.

We start by creating the template and we can mention the dialogue templates.

Create a new template

Create a new template in HeroHunt.ai

We can call the template whatever we want. The subject line however, is a bit more important because it will be candidate facing they will see the subject line as the subject line of the email that they will be receiving.

So we say first name and your company name for example.

Subject line with personalization

Include the subject line with a personalization

Then we just copy and paste the message that we know that works that we have seen working previously in our outreach efforts.

We can now start personalizing the data points in the message. The first name for example can be replaced by the [fist name] personalization. 'AirBnB' can be replaced by [Company name]. And so on...

Including personalizations

Click create to save the template. From now on, every time when you open up a profile, the message will include all the personalized information based on a candidate's profile and you can send that message away in one click.

Automatically generated personalized message based on your template

You only have to click send to have personalized email land in the inbox of the candidate or copy the message and use it elsewhere.

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