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Recruitin (Recruit'em): Boolean X-ray search generator

Recruitin is a tool to automatically generate X-ray search strings in Google, here's how to use it.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
May 9, 2024

Recruitin (also called Recruit’em) is a Boolean and X-ray search generator.

It helps recruiters to quickly build an X-ray search string so they can find the right profiles in web search engines like Google. That way they can for example find all LinkedIn profiles without having to pay for LinkedIn.

What is Boolean logic and X-raying

Boolean search strings are a set of keywords combined with AND, OR and NOT statements to generate searches in search engines with very specific results.

An example of a very basic Boolean string is:

developer (Angular OR Typescript)

When you combine these kind of search strings with what we call site: operators, you can search within specific websites so you can find for example LinkedIn profiles in Google.

In that case we’re talking about X-raying.

X-raying is searching for profiles using a web search engine (like Google).

An example of an X-ray search string is:

site:linkedin.com/in developer (Angular OR Typescript)

How Recruitin works

There is quite some logic involved in building X-ray search strings. Most recruiters experience quite a steep learning curve to really get the hang of search strings.

That’s why Recruitin build a tool to automatically build X-ray searches based on your input.

1. Select the platform from which you want to find profiles

You can select one of the platforms from which you want to find candidates.

You can choose from the following platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Dribbble
  • GitHub
  • Xing
  • Stack Overflow
  • Twitter

Unfortunately, you can only find profiles from one platform at the time.

There are other tools that help you find profiles from all platforms at the same time.

2. Complete the fields relevant to your search

Complete the fields to specify your search. You can include country, job title, location, keywords, keywords to exclude, education and current employer.

3. Click the green button and click ‘Open in Google’

By clicking ‘Open in Google’ the automatically generated search string based on your input fields will appear in Google.

In Google, you will find the profile results and you can start screening the profiles and reach out if they are interesting.

Unfortunately, the search strings generated are often not correct. For example in this case, Angular OR Typescript should have been between brackets, like this: (Angular OR Typescript). Also, every keyword by default is put between quotations so this search string only finds exact matches, missing out on synonyms of those keywords.

If you want to learn how to build correct search strings, refer to this guide:

Full guide to X-ray search

Making things even more easy for yourself

As described, Recruitin builds search strings automatically. But what if there’s a way of creating not only search strings automatically, but have one single tool in which you receive relevant candidates, including their contact details and an automatic way of reaching out to those candidates?

Here’s a profile finder that finds profiles across all platforms and lets you reach out:


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