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RecruitGPT©: the ultimate people connection engine powered by GPT

RecruitGPT is the GPT powered recruitment engine made by HeroHunt.ai.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
June 18, 2023

Connection between people has always been driven by our human ability to connect and socialize.

But now more than ever it’s also driven by another component: data.

With a potential talent pool of 8 billion people worldwide you need to be able to not only find the right people based on their public data but also be able to find ways of reaching them.

RecruitGPT by HeroHunt.ai lets you use the analytical power of GPT4 to find the right people to engage with.

RecruitGPT searches people on autopilot across 1 billion profiles worldwide and the only thing it needs from you is a job description or even just a single line description of who you’re looking for.


Here’s how it works:

  1. You paste your job description or write down who you’re looking for
  2. RecruitGPT translates your description to a search
  3. RecruitGPT matches the best candidates it can find online with your search
  4. RecruitGPT lets you reach out and follow up automatically with your top matches

The power of RecruitGPT lies in its ability to transform a vast amount of data (1 billion profiles with hundreds of billions data points) into an actionable shortlist of candidates and suggested automated ways of engagement (outreach).

With RecruitGPT recruiters but also hiring managers and even team members looking for people to join the team are now able to quickly find and engage the right candidates.

Some of the things RecruitGPT can do:

  1. Create a detailed candidate search including keyword synonyms in seconds
  2. Provide a shortlist of candidates found across platforms
  3. Reach 200 candidates a day on autopilot
  4. Auto follow up and optimize responses

RecruitGPT is a product of HeroHunt.ai, the AI talent search and engagement engine. Now, with the advancements in large language models (LLMs) like GPT talent search and engagement has become even more efficient through further going language interpretation, analytical ability and automations.

The recruitment profession is going to transform a lot more in the coming years and recruiters will finally be able to go from a role as ‘administrator’ to ‘gatekeeper’.

RecruitGPT will be live soon in HeroHunt.ai. If you want to be the first to try, sign up here.

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