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The 7 best tech recruiting communities (2022)

These tech recruiting communities help you stay in tune with the developments in the tech recruiting space.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
September 7, 2022

Communities are a helpful resource for professionals to share their knowledge, get inspired and connect with like minded people who can help you move forward.

Especially in the tech recruiting industry, connecting with people is key. After all, it's a people business and the industry moves fast which requires you to keep your knowledge up to date.

Communities help to give you a clear perspective on what your peers are doing and how they might be able to help you out from their experience, knowledge, network or innovative ways of working.

These are the best tech recruiting communities that help you stay connected with the knowledge and people you need.

Boolean strings

Boolean strings is a perfect community if you want to take your knowledge of sourcing to the next level. The community is created and managed by Irina Shamaeva, who is the true mother of all sources when it comes to tech recruiting and sourcing. If a LinkedIn filter is not working as it should, Irina is the first one to know and share with the recruiting community. This includes the LinkedIn group with over 40k members.

Recruitment Slackers

Recruitment slackers is an invite-only Slack community for in-house recruiters for sharing news, content and new methods and tools for recruiting. The community originated from the Netherlands but has a global audience.

Recruiting Brainfood

Recruiting Brainfood is hands down the most up to date and inspiring newsletter in the recruiting industry by Hung Lee, who shares the most valuable and in depth insights on recruiting in his weekly newsletter, delivered every Sunday morning. There is also a Recruiting Brainfood community where newsletter subscribers get to meet each other and share interesting content.


SourceCon is known for the SourceCon conference first held in 2007 and still going strong. SourceCon has been a source of information, knowledge, and news for the sourcing community. In the summer of 2009, SourceCon was purchased by ERE Media. The conference and blog serve as resources for sourcers and recruiters who want to connect with people and knowledge within the industry.

Sourcers Who Code

Sourcers Who Code (#SWC) is a collective learning community of Talent Acquisition and sourcing professionals who are interested in innovative recruitment solutions. Community members are improving their sourcing knowledge by learning to code.

Tech Hiring Community Europe

Tech Hiring Community Europe is a community to for tech recruiters to learn how to improve their processes, provide a better candidate experience and improve their employer attractiveness. The community hosts Meetup events happening in Portugal and around Europe. The main goal is to create a tight international community where we members can learn from peers.

Secret Sourcing Group

Secret Sourcing Group is a group for recruiters and sourcers to share and learn about new ways of recruiting. Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, Hiring Managers, and HR professionals are also welcome to the community.

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