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The lowest wage countries to hire remote developers

Developers are expensive. So you might be considering lower wage countries to hire developers from. These are the cheapest countries when it comes to hiring developers.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
June 2, 2023

Many organizations are still bound to hiring locally in their own country or even cities. Even a lot of tech companies are not even close to hiring globally. 

That’s an opportunity missed, because there is a lot of great tech talent to be found around the globe.

When you expand your horizon, you may benefit from the extended talent pool, but also from the typically lower wages that you can find offshore. 

And nowadays this is not only available for hiring contractors, you can also find and hire permanent full-time employees worldwide through Employer of Records (EORs).

Knowing this, not the country your based out of but the entire globe becomes your talent pool.

High performing, cost efficient and grateful employees are waiting to be catapulted into prosperity and get closer to equal buying power and opportunity in general.

Here’s a list of the countries with great tech talent with the lowest wages:


Average wage Sr Dev (Payscale)

Average wage Sr Dev (Glassdoor, example big corporate)














Sri lanka








The Philippines
































South Africa








To hire these tech talents you can use the following tools to find and hire them:

Find and engage

First off, you need to find these tech talents who are spread across the globe. A talent search engine can help you find the best talent across the globe based on their profiles and your job description.

Best for find and engaging candidates:


  • Finds 1 billion candidates worldwide
  • Finds contact details
  • Enables personalized outreach at scale

Hire and pay

When you found and engaged the right people, you need to hire them and pay them. There are a number of ways to do this like setting up your own legal entity in a country or hiring based on a contract (freelancers). If those are not preferred options you can look into an Employer of Records (EOR). An EOR hires the candidate for you, completely compliant in the candidate’s country.

Best for hiring and paying:


  • Hires and pays compliantly around the world
  • Onboards employees or contractors in minutes
  • Offers competitive, localized benefits to attract and keep great talent

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