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Functional job analysis

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job analysis, task analysis, work analysis, duty analysis, position analysis

What is Functional job analysis

Functional job analysis is a process for systematically collecting and analysing job-related data. The purpose of functional job analysis is to identify the key tasks and knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) needed to perform a job. The data collected through functional job analysis can be used to develop job descriptions, identify training and development needs, and assess job performance.

Functional job analysis explained

Functional job analysis is a process for obtaining detailed information about the tasks, duties, and responsibilities associated with a particular job. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities required to perform the job successfully. This information can then be used to develop job descriptions, performance standards, and training programs.

Functional job analysis is usually conducted by interviewing incumbents or subject matter experts and observing workers as they perform their jobs. The resulting data are then analyzed and compiled into a report that includes a task list, a description of the skills required to perform each task, and a list of the knowledge and abilities required for the job as a whole.

This type of analysis is particularly helpful in identifying the training and development needs of employees. It can also be used to assess the suitability of candidates for specific positions and to determine whether current employees have the necessary skills to assume new responsibilities.

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