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background check

What is Reference Check

A reference check is a process in which a prospective employer contacts people who can speak to an applicant's character and abilities. A reference check typically includes a phone call or email to each reference, during which the employer asks questions about the applicant's skills, experience, and qualifications.

Reference Check explained

Reference checks are often used to verify the accuracy of an individual's claims on their resume or application. They may also be used to obtain more information about an individual's character or work ethic.

Reference checks can be conducted by an employer, a potential employer, or a third party such as a background check company. The individual being checked will typically provide a list of references, which may include family, friends, colleagues, or previous employers. The reference checker will then contact each reference to ask questions about the individual's qualifications, skills, and experience.

Reference checks are an important part of the hiring process, as they can help to ensure that an individual is honest and qualified for the position they are applying for. They can also help to give employers a better understanding of an individual's work ethic and character.

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