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What is an example of internal source of recruitment?

The short answer

Internal promotions and internal referrals are examples of internal recruitment sources.

There are a number of different internal sources of recruitment that organizations can use when looking to fill vacant positions. Some common examples include promotion from within, lateral transfers, and rehiring former employees.

Promotion from within is when an organization filling a vacant position looks to its current employees to see if anyone is suited for and interested in the open position. Lateral transfer is when an employee is moved from their current position to a vacant position in a different department or area within the same organization. Rehiring former employees is when an organization reaches out to employees that have left the organization in the past to see if they would be interested in returning to fill a current vacant position.

Each of these internal sources of recruitment has its own advantages and disadvantages that organizations need to consider when making a decision about which method to use. Promotion from within can be a good option because it can help to motivate and retain current employees, while also providing them with an opportunity to advance their career within the organization. Lateral transfer can be beneficial because it can help employees gain new skills and knowledge, and can also refresh their perspective on their work. Rehiring former employees can be advantageous because it can save time and money in the recruitment process, and can also bring back individuals who are already familiar with the organization and its culture.

When deciding which internal source of recruitment to use, organizations need to carefully consider the specific needs of the vacant position and the organization as a whole. The most important thing is to choose a method that will help to ensure that the best possible candidate is hired for the job.

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