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Employee referral solutions in recruitment help to identify and attract high-quality talent through the recommendations of current employees. This process can help to save time and money on recruiting, while also increasing the chances of finding top candidates who are a good fit for the company. Additionally, employee referrals can help to build a positive reputation for the company among potential candidates.

Best Employee referrals solutions


The employee advocacy and influencer platform that enables your team to easily share marketing, sales, and recruiting content.

EveryoneSocial is the platform that transforms employees into influencers by empowering them to authentically create and share content.Some of the world's highest-performing organizations, including Qualtrics, T-Mobile and Highspot, are EveryoneSocial customers who trust us to help engage their employees, expand their brand reach, and drive organic social media ROI.


WorkTaps referrals are the #1 recruiting channel. WorkTaps makes it easy for employees to become influencers. Hire for retention and beat high turnover numbers.

WorkTaps, the mobile-first employee referral software solution designed for the hourly workforce, offers a simple way for employees to tap their personal networks and enable a seamless and rapid recruiting machine. With mobile-first, tap-to-share in seconds, WorkTaps drives quality applicants faster than ever before. On average, businesses receive applicants within hours of sharing a job and hire within a matter of days. Referrals are the gift that keeps on giving, generating the highest retention rates, outpacing all other channels.


We started with the simple idea that everyone should be able to access amazing candidates and their dream jobs. And we don't have plans on losing sight of this mission.Recruiting and applying to jobs sound like a simple thing, and they should be. Preferhired, The World's Online Recruitment Referral Marketplace, is changing the way people search for jobs and how companies hire top talent. We're proud to be the first referral software that empowers everyone to help their friends and colleagues find jobs while rewarding them at each stage of the recruitment process, earning unlimited dollars. We equip organizations with the tools, solutions and support they need to grow their teams and their businesses with the best possible candidates within their employees' social and professional networks – doing so, at a fraction of the time and cost of other channels. At Preferhired, we measure our success by our customers'​ success. Our vision for recruiting is one that is enabled by people, powered by technology and accessible to everyone. For more information about the company visit https://www.preferhired.com.We're changing the recruitment process one referral at a time.Get to know us better:Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/preferhiredFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/preferhired


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Jobote is an online referral hiring tool designed to help companies use their employees' social networks to hire trusted talent. Built for Human Resource specialists, Jobote's lightweight applicant tracking system is simple and easy to use. By turning employees into social recruiters, Jobote reduces your company's dependence on external recruitment agencies, drives brand awareness, and hires employees that just won't quit. We're part of the LMC family.


Employee advocacy as a stand-alone solution or as starting point towards genuine and leverageable engagement. Optimize your marketing spend with advocacy.

Ambassify is the platform of choice to implement Advocacy in your organization: develop your employee engagement strategy while you experience the power of word-of-mouth advocacy.What can you do with Ambassify?👉 Turn employees into Ambassadors to amplify your brand👉 Streamline content creation & distribution👉 Enhance your branding and online presenceOur features?Verified Social and Video sharingShare SchedulingPollingVotingReferral & Affiliate campaignsNPS scoringAnd many more!


At Teamable, we are committed to making referral recruiting intuitive and fun. The Teamable platform transforms employees' social networks into dynamic talent pools that drive high employee engagement and make referring relevant candidates easy. Our intuitive workflows and powerful search functionality make it possible for recruiters to source passive candidates and immediately request warm, email introductions from employees.


We're changing the world of recruiting. Beta testing is now live! Earn money by referring your network. Have our vetted network recruit on your behalf.

The way candidates and hiring managers find each other hasn't changed in a while. On one hand, you have a mountain of anonymous candidates that managers have to sort through. On the other hand, you have recruiting firms that charge an enormous fee and work from a limited Rolodex. There's not much in between, and for hiring managers and candidates alike, the process often feels overwhelming and frustrating. Worse still, you can end up with a less-than-diverse pool of candidates. Candidate.co has reinvented the process. We've created a unique platform that unlocks the power of personal referral networks to connect companies that are ready to scale with the best talent available. We do this by creating a diverse network of connectors that are incentivized and armed with the right information to refer the best person for the opportunity. We offer a significant cash incentive so they take the time to understand the role, the ideal candidate, and connect the right person.Hiring managers get qualified, diverse leads quickly, and for far less than they would pay a recruiting firm. And candidates have a better chance to find the perfect role to meet their potential. At Candidate, we believe there's magic in the perfect match. It's what motivates us every day and it's going to change the way humans and companies connect forever.


Are you effectively leveraging your employees as an extension of your recruiting team?Generate candidate referrals from your employees by launching your own custom, branded referral portal. Provide a frictionless solution to promote your employee referral program and engage employees to refer their friends and family members for jobs at your company.


Recruitment technology to attract more candidates, hire more talent and engage employees in an AI-driven, all-in-one talent management solution.

WorkLLama is a total talent acquisition and engagement suite. Harness the power of AI with a complete suite of applicant tracking system (ATS), talent relationship management (TRM), and direct sourcing tools to create a community of highly engaged talent for all hiring needs.


SayJay is a hiring platform which lets you make money by referring friends for a job. We help companies hire amazing people through referrals. We are focusing on engineering, design, product management, data science, marketing, sales, business development, operations, finance, recruiting, HR, and many more talents. Referred talent is quicker to hire, performs better, and stays longer.


At Teamable, we are committed to making referral recruiting intuitive and fun. The Teamable platform transforms employees' social networks into dynamic talent pools that drive high employee engagement and make referring relevant candidates easy. Our intuitive workflows and powerful search functionality make it possible for recruiters to source passive candidates and immediately request warm, email introductions from employees.


We help organizations of all sizes harness their social capital to attract the highest quality talent with employee referrals.

Find and hire top talent today, faster.Improve recruiter efficiency by removing the repetitive administrative tasks to hire better talent twice as fast with automation. Jobvite™ provides the TA technology, agile solutions, and services to automate talent acquisition and help recruiters hire the best talent more efficiently.


Reach all your employees, from corporate to frontline, with targeted communications.

Smarp's employee communications platform helps enterprise businesses communicate effectively with their entire workforce, corporate and frontline. Through Smarp, businesses can create, aggregate, and automatically deliver personalized content to every employee while empowering them to amplify select messages externally. The result is an increase in profitability and staff retention rates through a better goal and vision alignment, improved employee experience & productivity, and true brand advocacy. Over 300 companies across the globe, including Amazon, Marriott, Swarovski, KPMG and L'Oréal trust Smarp to help them better inform and engage their people.


Simple employee referral software to make referrals your #1 source of hires.

EmployUs was acquired by Hireology in 2021 and continues to help employers and staffing firms recruit and retain their employees.Referrals are the best source of talent, period. They get hired twice as fast, stay employed twice as long and report being more engaged and productive employees. Our employee referral software helps companies increase referrals by 50% - 200% making employee referrals their #1 source of hire.Since being founded in 2015, EmployUs has raised over $1.5M in venture capital and grown to serve over 100 companies across more than 15 countries.


Build a stronger company culture, increase team collaboration, and reduce burnout through seamless HR Slack plugins designed for distributed teams. From time off to 1-on-1s to onboarding and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Roots is a venture-backed, software startup that is building the next generation people operations platform. We got tired of trying to manage our teams and life in the workplace with big, bulky platforms and bureaucratic systems. So we decided to build something better. Today, Roots consists of a network of lightweight, highly-engaging HR plugins that are embedded in users' workflows (e.g. places like Slack). With +90% adoption rates, our tools make it easier for teams to find information, stay organized, and stay connected. Roots is used in 80+ countries by customers like Gitlab, Remote, Toptal, Miro, AngelList and more. Come check out what we're building!


Reimagine your employee rewards & recognition program to create a positive company culture. Increase employee engagement and retention by rewarding with Blueboard experiences.

Blueboard is the employee rewards and recognition platform for the modern workplace. Blueboard enables companies to reward top employees with memorable, personal and shareable experiences. Experiences as rewards not only provide a more meaningful avenue for employee recognition, but also create a lasting impact on your top engagement metrics (like increased employee motivation and retention rates, and providing a more positive company culture).Experiences range from local adventures like learning to surf or DJ, taking guitar or an aerobatic flight lesson, to luxury incentive travel escapes.Blueboard is currently working with innovative brands like Zendesk, Pinterest, Lyft, Otis Elevators, Edmunds, Chick-fil-A and hundreds more. Learn more about Blueboard and browse our reward experiences at https://www.blueboard.com.

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