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How to find data science talent on Kaggle

With 5 million data scientists and machine learning experts, Kaggle is the go to source for finding data talent.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
January 17, 2022

Recruiting talent on Kaggle

Kaggle is an online community for data scientists and machine learning experts and enthusiasts. Kagglers share data sets, collaborate on code and join competitions to solve data science challenges and possibly win prize money. Organizations can set up challenges in which Kagglers can compete.

Key facts

  • Data science & Machine Learning profiles
  • 5 million users
  • Data science talent competes in projects and can win money


Kaggler profiles are rich in relevant information from a skills perspective. Especially the discussions and public work provide an accurate view on the candidate's capabilities based on actual data science projects they did.

Profile overview

The profile is rich in information and provides a clear overview on the candidate's activity.

A: Title, current location and social links
B: Category of expertise based on the Kaggle Progression System that ranks users based on performance on the platform
C: Rank based on points and awards for competitions, datasets, notebooks and discussions
D: Bio (free text)
E: Activity over time


The code the candidate has been working on gives a realistic view of the candidate's skills and interests.

F: Public work shared of the Kaggler shared with the community


The discussion the candidate participated in indicate the candidate's involvement in the community and their willingness to help.

G: Comments and topics related to discussions the Kaggler participated in


You can easily search Kaggle with a free account. But there are also other options like Google search with operators to find data talent.

Search Kaggle

Kagglers can earn points by winning competitions, publishing datasets and notebooks, and adding value in discussions. Based on the points that users earn a ranking is assigned. You can search in the Kaggle user rankings to find the best data scientists:

Search Kaggle rankings

You can also search competitions based on the keywords you're looking for to find interesting candidates who score high on the leader board of that competition:

Search Kaggle competitions

You can do the same for:

Code and for Discussions

Search Google

Search for Kagglers within a certain region and/or with certain skills mentioned:

site:kaggle.com "joined * * ago" amsterdam python

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