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Sourcing tool comparison: Seekout vs AmazingHiring vs HeroHunt.ai

Sourcing and recruiting solutions differ in how they are built, what they offer and how flexible they are in terms of pricing. This helps you make the right decision.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
June 18, 2023

A talent search engine is a solution with which you can find the best profiles online that match your job requirements.

The goal of a talent search engine is to find the best matching talent for a job and facilitate outreach to candidates.

Sourcing and recruiting solutions differ in how they are built, what they offer and how flexible they are in terms of pricing.

Most talent search engines or sourcing engines focus on finding as well active job seekers as passive candidates.

Some of these solutions are America-based and rely on databases, others are Europe based and work with real-time searches.

In this blog we explain the differences of some of the sourcing solutions that are available in the market.


Seekout is a search engine to find talent. Seekout is American based and focusses on the bigger corporate organizations. Seekout provides filtered search based on primarily LinkedIn accounts. Seekout returns candidates from their database which is refreshed on a three to six month basis, meaning profile information can be up to six months old. In some cases Seekout finds email addresses, but doesn't extensively validate deliverability of those email addresses. Seekout is primarily praised for its ability to narrow down searches with an extensive set of filters and the ability to create Boolean searches.


AmazingHiring is a search engine focussed on finding software engineering candidates. Other roles are not supported. AmazingHiring has the ability to build a search by clicking keywords that you want to include in your search. AmazingHiring returns the candidates from their database, data freshness is unknown. In some cases AmazingHiring finds contact details like email addresses. AmazingHiring is praised for its optimization for finding software engineers.


HeroHunt.ai is a real-time search engine to find tech talent. The real-time search engine is optimized for all tech roles. The search engine automatically translates a job description into a search and does an automated search through platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow. It doesn't rely on databases, it returns the best matching candidates based on real-time information. HeroHunt.ai finds public contact details like email addresses and phone numbers which candidates communicated themselves. HeroHunt.ai is praised for its user friendliness, matching accuracy and completeness of information.

Detailed comparison information can be found in the below table:

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