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How to source talent on Reddit

The Reddit community is one of the biggest online communities existing today with 330 million users. Redditors engage in comical, but also professional discussions. When understood, it provides a good opportunity for sourcing talent.

July 25, 2021
Yuma Heymans
December 17, 2021

Recruiting talent on Reddit

Reddit is a platform with content and discussions on topics varying from cooking, to travel, to shower thoughts and engineering. Members submit content to the site like links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members. Posts are categorized in "subreddits".

Redditors are very keen on the relevancy of content in the subreddits and the Reddit community is not fond of spam or irrelevant content. Reddit is not the platform to recruit aggressively on (and which platform is anyway). But it does provide a platform where you can find people who engage with certain topics, and reach out if you understand the community culture and abide to its rules.

Key facts

  • All kind of profiles
  • 330 million users
  • In depth informal discussions on subject matter topics


The information on Reddit is primarily based on the content of the discussion in the subreddits. There are profiles but these are not very rich in information in itself, so the subreddits are the starting point for finding relevant discussions and people.


The subreddits are the communities organized around a specific topic.

A: Title of the subreddit (sometimes informational sometimes geeky)
B: Name and link of the subreddit
C: User who posted
D: Title of the post
E: Filter by flair to only get posts in a certain category


The profile of the user (the Redditor) is very light in information. But you can learn more about a Redditor by viewing the topics they are engaged in.

F: Post of the individual Redditor
G: Comments of the individual Redditor
H: Title of post

How to search Reddit

If there's an interesting subreddit with a topic that relates to your sourcing goals, you can find the Redditors there who actively participate. You can see if you can send them a message on Reddit or cross reference them and find them on other platforms.

Subreddits search

Search subreddits to find people who post and comment on topics that you’re sourcing for.

Check the rules that apply for the subreddit. For example don’t post jobs in subreddits that are not intended for that! Find interesting subreddits with this list made by Erin Mathew:

Spreadsheet with subreddits

Reddit search

Search directly in the Reddit search box for topics of interest.

Optionally use this list with search operators.

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