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Newsletter: This is how you do startup recruiting ▶️

Good startup candidates are rare and high in demand. Here's some help on how you can find startup talent with limited resources.

May 12, 2022
Yuma Heymans
September 7, 2022

Right from the start, I had this feeling in my heart...

...that startup recruiting is hard. You need talent that not only has the right skill, but also the right mentality to join a fast-growing environment.

To add to that,
good startup candidates are very rare and high in demand...
startups have limited resources...
and the candidate requirements in startups are changing all the time...

The good news, the right techniques allow you to find the 1% talent that thrives in a startup.

Some startup hiring facts:
📌 Startup job market is growing +8% yearly
📌 And kept on growing with 4% in times of covid
📌 70% of the workforce is passive talent
📌 83% of recruiters see passive sourcing as an important source of hire

So how do you find the 1% of talent that is ready for a startup?

This might help:
The practical guide to startup recruitment

And for the quick wins, see here how to source on:

These software tools can help you in the process:
Best recruitment software for startups: A brief guide

And if you want a deep dive into the personalities that fit a startup, check out:
Assessing work-related needs for startup talent

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